Untitled – ’02

The planet doesn’t know who it is and the people who hide from what is real are always alone. No one wants to be the same as anything or anyone, so they run far from the truth.
Humans don’t want to be together if together is too much. They see who you are in the mirrored mask of hate. If the reflection doesn’t look like you, good luck blind man.
Seeing through darkness lights your day behind walls. We need actors and mannequins to learn about ourselves. Artificial minds are easier to place in a plastic shell, because moving on is harder than sinking. They need love, compassion, and happiness, but can’t if the wallets are empty. Intelligence is the first punch in the fight for order. Ignorance is the white flag of surrender, and the more beautiful the bird, the bigger the cage…THE CAGE.

unknown date 2002

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