The island and the flood – 6/15/02

Where have all the people gone? Have they all died?
It’s been so long, they must have drown
The water is brown and cloudy from the flood
They said they could swim; they must have lied

I have seen an island with a mountain
No one has been there for a while
From atop the stone walls you can see the peak
Climb and take a look if you’re not too weak

Where have all my friends gone? Are they building guns?
Maybe so, but I don’t know; I lost control
You can’t sail a ship without the wind
and you can’t run with your love when there’s flood

Everyone has their dream and some don’t wake
We hide in our rooms away from the sun and moon
Someday soon we need to see what’s real and what’s fake
The hate casts a reflection on the flood of our doom

I have danced in a field with flowers and mist
I haven’t been there for a while
But when I go back to the lips I have kissed
I’ll look down from the mountain onto the island with a smile


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