Enough about the ocean – 6/12,13 &19/02

Before I knew what it is to die
my life stretched out like a highway with no map
I never had to ask where I was going or why
It was all a dream
I’m not sure if I’m awake
or just spinning in and out of Heaven and Hell
I wish I could only tell
I want to start over as someone else
Someone who doesn’t know how to cry
Maybe a fish or a bird that can fly or swim away
Fly away together, swim into forever…
And where there are voices I can talk WITH instead of talking TO
Souls to BE with and not just LOOK AT from across the room
Alone in an ocean full of life but no wonder
with water so deep it’s too dark to see
Everyone floats at the surface and never finds me
No one hears the screams over the blind laughter and splashes
Sometimes I can feel the warmth of the sun
and learn from its gentle flashes
Grow. But not enough to teach the masses
Would they want to know what they’re missing,
what they are forgetting? NO. It’s harder that way
It’s simpler to retire when the sun is setting
I don’t want to be alone, but it can’t be helped
I am not you and you are not me
Nor do I want to be

6/12,13 & 19/02

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