Tara – 5/23/02

I saw her in the hallway; I didn’t turn my head
I don’t know if she saw me, nor did I really care
But later in the evening I recognized her glare
Sitting in the shadows, I’m glad that I was there

We spun around the floor till we forgot who we were
I was just fifteen, I didn’t know, and now it’s all a blur
but she was stealing a part of me I didn’t know I had
My life was changed and rearranged in three surreal days

She led me to the playground after it was dark
We shared half a smoke, we got a buzz, I felt a spark
I thought that she was perfect just sitting there in the grass
I felt like I had known her while many years have passed

I didn’t sleep a wink the night before I had to go
I cried and cried and thought I’d died; maybe that was so
We talked and said our goodbyes sitting on the stairs
I fell in love; I don’t think she cared

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