Who was I? – 5/21/02

Has it all been real; will I wake up again?
With a storm cloud of memory close behind
through silhouette eyes each shadow pretends
to be darker and different than me when I’m blind
Who was I and who are you?
Doesn’t seem like anything new
What kind of curse is it this time?
I think I’m ahead but really a half
of the one who needs you to help me forget
what crying is like and how to laugh
Will the storm ever break; will the sun ever set?
Who am I and who were you?
All the mirrors that I look through
Only show me that there’s nothing
Maybe in a year or two I’ll think of someone who
throws me outside when it’s raining and cold
and as I’m looking down the tunnel I have found
I take the hand of the demon who’ll take me when I’m old
What kind of wicked game is this?
Where love, loneliness, and loss are one in the same
In a maze where thorns and snakes take over for bliss
Leading me to the beginning from where I came
Who was I and who are you?
to end the dream that I pursue?
What will the future bring this time?


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