The Tale of Someday – 5/?/02

Searching again? No. I think I’ve found it
and without even leaving the ground
After all these years of looking too hard, too far
as if I hear music in every little sound

Love? True, but for what?
Her?…Jerry?…Life?…It? Perhaps all at once
My old life dies, a new one begins in only two months
A ship will take its course and sail on forever

Will the moon tell her I love her before the sunrise?
If the sun answers “yes” I am a rich man in my eyes
Even when I have to leave her
The fire makes smoke that I can still see
Missing sleep some nights is find with me

No dreams of the promise if I could just believe her
So if everything goes the way the dream shows
we could start all over and unlock the doors
To complete the puzzle and see the Big Picture
of what is next and what’s the score, but only HE knows

Come and find me in the valley and we can run
through the tall grass of destiny
I didn’t know that she’s the rest of me
and I hope the stars shine on for someday…


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