A game we play – 4/2/02

This life is just a game
A cruel trick and we’re all the same
Roll the dice, you lose again
But we cannot quit
By the time we decide that we know how to play
We have already died…in some way
To even begin we have to find
someone to trust, love, and believe in
If playing alone, you’ve fallen behind
For there’s not always a time or place to grieve in
Every turn around the board
Comes a stab in the back with a double-edged sword

How many people have to lose
to understand that we can choose
the way we live and how to fly
It seems easy if we try
So if we can love all that we see,
It’s part of you and some of me
Spin the wheel and start from there
Forget about when or where
You’re not the first to wonder why
Just listen for the reply
When you hear it, you will know
You’ve won the game, now time to GO!


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