Visions from the Backseat of an El Camino – 3/19/02

There is a world, a place for all
who need a place to stay
in my head, it is very far away
and I can’t ever go there

Through oceans of waving green and brown
past islands where the sun lets me fly
watching the fire in the sky on the fourth of July
and the smell of everything and nothing

Evenings with friends and 80 degree carnivals
where “just before dark” lasts for days
remembering it all through a haze
or maybe a dream I had

A dream of no worries and walks down the street
there’s nothing to fear and nobody hurries
back to back shows at the drive-in never sounded so sweet
The music and the memories. . .What happened?

I must have died the last time around
and missed that pleasant sound
of celebration and love with no reason
in my head it is very far away
beyond the yellow sky and the railroad tracks


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