No one flies when they’re outside / In Nam – 1/18 & 1/17/02

These people who prefer to sit on couches
They do not know what it’s like looking down
from a higher cloud and away from the spouses
These people who cut off their wings
and attached the strings
that stop their believing and seeing
What we need is leaving the human beings

Going backward in reverse
always following the hearse
and what’s worse is the dark cloud and rider
who spreads the curse and blinds the eyes
to the infinite side where all is lighter
But these people prefer watching fighting on television


The war never changes faces
Creating spaces and stealing glances
Who am I fighting in these places?
Them, us, ourselves and fear?
Almost a year and not a tear
for the friends I’ve seen die…only a year…

Each day could be my last or the first of a life
without the war, the bullets, and the poor
Dreams of freedom shatter when my eyes open
Enough bugs to probably do the Pope in
The jungle remains silent in me as I…

1/18 & 1/17/02

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