Japanese Robots / Wrong drawer, Towel! – 12/14 & 19/01

It will always be a starry night
as long as your eyes reflect the light
The hills I see above the trees
flying over the midnight plight
Dark and empty, but I have sight
as if all were bright white

I’ve seen a place where people bounce
hearing words I cannot pronounce
Doing drugs in countless amounts
that made me want to really BOUNCE!
and go nuts eating donuts. . .
Don’t look now, but there’s a Japanese robot!


It lay in the warm-rain roadside
Inside is probably where the ghosts hide…or died?
Don’t wash it, throw it away!
It probably has typhoid
So lackaday, it ended up in my closet
with a scent like before I was twelve
Basement Mario, hold on, I’ll pause it
And to this day in that drawer it lay
Until I had to say, “Wrong drawer, Towel!”
Gotta be open for my elbow
If it is, it’ll lose its smell. So…
in another drawer it will stay. Probably.

12/14 & 19/01 respectively. probably.

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