The Rut / The beginning of the End – 8/16/ & 8/20/01

I’m trying to get away
To forget about today
but in my bed I lay
and this is where I’ll stay
if I never get out of this rut

The place I need to find
to leave it all behind
and get her off my mind
so I can finally unwind
and start all over

I keep the cork on tight
on this bottle of my emotions
Then maybe one night
when I lose my sight
The bottle will break and I’ll drown in it’s oceans


Born into a world of stone
hunted and haunted by dreams
Always confused and always alone
Living without love and life it seems
Beaten down by the words of hate
Silenced and no place to go
Accepting this as my fate
It stopped my mind from wanting to grow
Crawling through my cave of ice
cursing when it would melt
Changing from a burden to a vice
dying from the pain which I have felt


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