The madness of the night/ Alone and it’s raining – 1/28/01

I had a dream once
a dream of a girl in my head
that girl said she didn’t hate me
and the gap is growing thin
I can only hope there won’t be
anything in between except confusion
Confusion that turns to understanding
Understanding of the previous gap and why it is no more
I want only to explore, to open the door
to the surrounding existence and madness
To go into the world not alone
but with light that is my own


Lying in my bed, nothing in my head
Just the dread of being dead
It is dark outside, my heart turns cold
at the thought of being old
and alone when it’s raining
Someday the rain will stop and I can go outside
Then drop by drop I’m forced to go
back where I reside
The tears in my eyes fall as fast as the rain
The end is arriving on a train
driven by no one to extinguish my brain
with no one to explain why I went insane


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