The Rabbit & The Rock – 9/8/00

The other day, I saw a rabbit eating out of the garden on a dewy morn.  As he took to himself the leaves of green, the rabbit shook his fluffy white tail.  He was having some fun with those greens.  As I watched, I imagined what it must be like to be a little brown rabbit in garden greens.  It was splendid!  Then he stopped moving and munching on the leaves ‘a’ plenty and waited.  What was he waiting for?  Was he scared of his odd surroundings?  At a second glace, his ears were gone and he turned into a rock.  Then I realized that it always had been.  For millions of years that rock was drifting and tumbling and rambling along on Earth.  It found a temporary resting place in the garden with leaves of green.  I never saw that rabbit again.


Now you may find that I’m a man of many words of wisdom.  In fact, I am.  But wisdom is not hardly a gift suitable for any common man.  Yea, when a cow wanders from the flock and drinks from a pool apart from the others just to see what different water would taste like, that my friend, is phase one of how one should acquire wisdom of all. If thou art ready to go on a long and complicated journey inside your world and the world outside you…If of sound mind, it will serve you well, but an unstable one will be in HELL.

Sept. 8, 2000

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