Slightly Sideways Stories of Soliloquy – 9/6/00

“OK, when you get to 8th street, turn left and go that way.”
“Which way?” he asked.
“The other way I told you to go; left, then right that way.”
“Let’s make it a little simpler for you both.” said the man.
“Just go whatever way you please. I’m a bit sure that you’ll
make it one way or another.

And they were off. Over carpeted hills of wool and damp dreary mountain gallow. But they found it after three long and most of all grueling hours of misfortune and torment.

“Have we reached the lightest side of the North gate yet?” Pondered the Cap’n discreetly.
“No, not so far as I’m the shanty when she lands. Oh yes!” Shouted the Emperor of Peng Quin.
And they all flapped happily into the sea one by one and sometimes others. But amidst the wonders of Hoopla, they’d all seen better times. In the mean time Gryan the Gnome was resting dreamily in his burrow of Gobbinsbrook. While he slept, ruckous was stirring just outside on the boulevard. This awoke the dreaming Gnome and that’s not well. Gryan and Gotter combined the minstrel forces of the mystical green Underworld and put a sturdy-quick stop to ruckous going on. They got back to their usual business of course, but it was quite a stir. “Oh, yes!” Ranted the realtor.

Sept 6, 2000

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