The Worst Week of Stu’s Life – 8/30/00

There once was a boy whom everyone called Stu. He had nothing to do for his toys were taken away. Stu had to stay in his room until they were given back. He made a tall stack of random objects. The necks of his figures were always too long and this gave him difficulty. His father said, “Consult me if this occurred anymore.” And before they day broke, Stu had managed to get his cane all shiny and new. With the glue that his father gave him, his tower ceased to go toppling to the floor. Although it was quite a bore constructing such out of just wood and some others, this activity kept Stu out of trouble. Underneath the rubble of his mother’s rug was an odd looking game. If Stu could make it the same as the other one’s he often played, he might not need his toys of old. The board was hand-crafted gold and adorned with thousands of tiny pieces. It had creases that ran along both sides. After reading the instructions, he decides that if he loses round one, it will affect the duration of his playing. He began weighing his chance and realized that he really did not have a choice. He listened to the voice inside his head and pressed on. With his toys gone it was worth the risk. Stu spun the disk over and over again until his mind and hands were sore. All the effort and agony payed off. Victory was his and with a scoff his father gave his toys back and all was well with Stu.

Aug. 30, 2000

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