Gazing into the eyes of the sun – 7/13/00

Let the sun guide you up into the sky
until then you had never been that high
He accepted the dare and fell out of the air
In the end the only question is why?

But how could the question be why?
According to the color of his tie
If he flips on the right switch,
it’ll get very bright, Mitch
Subsequently waving good-bye

The road was his favorite place
He’d always left a smile on his face
but the road was a snake
and the smile was fake
and this place ended the race

Traveling through lines in his mind
with no sense of nothing or time
Then flash in his brain
and make him insane
but only after the rain

Almost to the top of the hill
The sun is perfectly still
Then the clouds began to shake
But he was hardly awake
all at the expense of a thrill…

7/13 or 14/00

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