Invisible Tunnels to an otherwise colorful ends – 7/?/00

These wild dreams live on your inner-self within
Purchasing all that can’t be lifted back evermore
Tall yellow trees converse with townsmen and such
how they spend their afterlife’s own

These twisting dreams twirl and spout
where you are is where you’re not
in between the spaces of time bounding sacred worlds
lies the key to the doors of infinity

These terrorizing dreams do not die
Instead they fuel off what you see and think
When one can see them all at once, once is enough
Awakened from the sleep many cannot rise

These dreams hold the secrets not to tell
If found and broken, eternity lost
Traveling through the darkened clouds, asleep to the world
The rising sun will break their hold if daybreak to
Fasting nomads reaches the same horizons

July 2000

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