The unspoken truths of… – 7/1/00

Watching people do things on Friday
Paranoid for the sleeping guardsmen
standing the post night after night
Wondering from room to room wandering
Bad nightmares keep him awake
No obligations to no one nor self
his unfaithful team, partners for such
fade away without reason with age
All is not lost in the mission
just anxiety and sight of destinations unknown
Purposes, forgotten orders find other means
Will they return for journeys ahead?
If so, the same as the past and previous?
Lost in the trench of routine
Dodging and ducking from the shells of the unwanted
As he gazes upon them, the battle wounds
Golden images stand before him
Just as the many before have done
Still no sign of value in them
Escape from dreams in and on both sides
Futile, regret, still no remorse for them
When sheets of black cover closed eyes
what is seen remains yet the same
Time, is only the sanctuary of the weak minded
and still, unforgotten tales of lost pain haunts him
But he cannot drown in the tides that swallow many
for the mass walks hand in hand along straight paths
and he jumped and ran from them through rough ground


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